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unshaven and sweating.

I was about to finish cleaning the pool.
The robotic vacuum had been very effective on debris and things that had managed to float to the bottom.
The filtration system, too, had a done a sterling job. Practically no sediments on the walls. Skimming off a few leaves — that was all I had to do.

You appeared, almost out of context,
and said, “Thank you. Good job.”
I turned to see you, and replied,
“Thank you, madam Asher.”
“I shall be leaving now. Take care and good luck!” you said, and I wished I had shaved in the morning and put on a clean T-shirt.
“You know where to drop off the keys, when you’re done, right?” you added, pointing at a small box near the gate.

I nodded and I was sure you’d be in touch later. Some time in the future.

You missed a beat and said, “Can I hug you?” Again, I nodded.

You did, and I knew that was the last time I saw you.




Scrapbook of photos and words.

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Robert Rado

Robert Rado

Scrapbook of photos and words.

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