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hominy grit.

Robert Rado


Good afternoon, sir.


Are you one of us?

It depends…

Depends on what? You’re either one of us or not.

Depends on who you are.

We’re the community. We belong.

Ah. Okay.

So, are you one of us then?

I’m not sure. Frankly, I’m not the belonging kind.

Perhaps it’s just that you’re not privileged?

Come again?

I could cover you in soothing ointment. At no charge.

Really? Do I look sick to you?

You want me to brandish my freshly cut organic sabre at you?

Your what?

Or allow me to invite you to our seasonal initiation ritual next Friday? Dinner included but you cannot bring your own alcoholic beverage.

Initiation to what?

You really don’t get it, do you?

No clue, I’m afraid.

Looks like, after all, you’re likely not one of us.

How should I know?

No. Positively not. Have a good day, sir.